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We care about the Environment.
That’s why we developed the Hydroclave in the first place! Until recently, incinerators were routinely used to incinerate medical waste, and little attention was paid to the toxins and contaminants spewing out of the smoke stacks. Today, every effort is made to reduce pollution by the use of innovative technologies that eliminate the need for incineration.

Here’s how Hydroclave is at the forefront of pollution reduction:

Very low energy consumption
Hydroclave uses a steam jacket that recycles clean hot condensate, and this not only reduces steam consumption, but water usage as well.

Low water consumption 
Utilizing our proprietary air condenser, all vented steam can be condensed without the use of precious fresh water. In fact, the Hydroclave can almost eliminate water consumption all together!

Very low emissions
The Hydroclave practically eliminates contaminant emissions by condensing the vented steam vapor from the process, which tends to carry contaminants into the atmosphere. The Hydroclave has been thoroughly tested by an independent laboratory to quantify contaminant emissions from the Hydroclave, processing a typical batch of medical waste.

Here’s the conclusion of the report: “Volatile organic compound levels sampled in the airstream released when the Hydroclave unloading door was opened (Table 1a and 1b) were low relative to the cited occupational exposure limits. “