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Partner with us

Hydroclave delivers long-term and sustainable sterilization solutions in solid and liquid waste for our clients, partners and humanity in general, we involve medical establishments, universities, waste operators, governments, municipalities, developers and key industrial companies. We do this by:

  • Delivering crucial hands-on experience and knowledge on sustainable sterilizing solutions for hazardous, infectious and medical waste – essential for every urban area across the world
  • Maintaining close, long-term relationships with our clients
  • Creating solid long-term strategic alliances and partnerships
  • Securing and maintaining competitive advantage through the innovative and cost-efficient design and operation of medical waste management systems – particularly sterilization solutions

Our Business

Hydroclave Corp’s stringent business processes ensure that our operations are consistently in line with current international standards and best practice, while we aim to create a flexible and conducive business environment for our clients and partners. These processes can include:

  • Carrying out business and financial planning
  • Specifying plant performance requirements and operation/maintenance (O&M) levels
  • Overseeing design, construction and due diligence
  • Consulting on medical waste management
  • Managing transition phases from construction to operation
  • Overseeing completion testing and training staff
  • Regulating and auditing the customer satisfaction process

Partner with us

With the global medical waste management industry posed for some of its biggest transformations to-date, Hydroclave Corp is ready to take a lead in the current and future challenges of making the sector sustainable for generations to come, while offering attractive business propositions to our clients and partners. We hope you will join us in welcoming the challenges and optimising the major opportunities, both current and future, across all infectious, hazardous and medical waste sectors globally.