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What We Offer

Hydroclave offers a remarkably simple, affordable, patented, proven medical/Infectious waste treatment process which achieves the highest waste sterility, at an incredibly low treatment cost. Worldwide users, from small, in-house installations to large commercial facilities have discovered the many benefits of the Hydroclave sterilization process. Our low temperature steam sterilizers also provide infectious waste solutions in hard to service areas with small space requirements, site limitations and remote locations.

10 Models to Choose From

With 10 standard models to choose from, as well as a large catalogue of custom builds, we can accommodate the smallest in-house medical waste treatment rooms to the largest commercial treatment facilities providing centralized processing services including medical, airline and ship waste!

Assistance & Training

Hydroclave Systems Corp can assist you in every step of your project scope. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you through model selection and site assessment, along with installation and operation requirements. From detailed proposals on design/build projects and CAD drawings to final commissioning. Hydroclave also offers a comprehensive training plan which covers all aspects of Infectious Waste Management including handling and packaging, transport, treatment, disposal, worker safety and compliance to local and international standards.

Data Sheets for Specific Models

Liquid Model Data Sheet Model H-07 Data Sheet Model H-15 Data Sheet Model H-25 Data Sheet Model H-65 Data Sheet Model H-100 Data Sheet Model H-150 Data Sheet Model H-200 Data Sheet Model H-250 Data Sheet Optional Accessories Data Sheet